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Resident Information

Garbage, Water, and Sewer Monthly Fees:

Water meters are read at the end of each month, statements are mailed by the 10th of each month and payment is due by the 25th of each month. Shut offs happen on the 15th of each month for past due bills. 

Garbage: Flat Rate - $20.00 per month

Sewer: $55.00 base rate up to 2000 gallons and $13.50 for every 1000 additional gallons used.

Water: A minimum of $9.50 plus 6% tax monthly on the first 1000 gallons used, and $9.50 for each 1000 gallons or fraction thereof beyond the initial 1000 gallons. Out of town rate is $11.25 base rate and $11.25 for every 1000 additional gallons used. 


  • Fire Station - P.O. Box 215.

  • First Responders - (Self supporting and are currently accepting donations) P.O. Box 355.

  • Oxford Public Library - 828-4087, Open: Wed 2-5, Fri 2-6, Sat 9-11:30 & 1-4.

  • Sheriff Non-Emergency - 356-6020.

  • Cemetery - Jim Tandy (936-0243), Cemetery Website 

Recycling Information

Residential garbage collection is on Thursday and materials must be placed to the curb prior to 7:00 a.m. in recycling bins for the recycling program. 

If your property does not have recycling bins, please call City Hall to request them: (319)-828-4742.

If you move, please leave recycling bins with the property.

Items that can be recycled

  • Plastics - Must have recycling emblem #1-7. Must be washed clean and co-mangled with container.

  • Metal (Tin, Aluminum, and beverage cans) - Labels removed washed clean and co-mangled with container.

  • Glass (clear, brown, blue, and green bottles and jars) - All Glass must be washed clean and co-mangled with container.

  • Cardboard (Corrugated and Chip Cardboard) - All Cardboard must be flattened. Large Cardboard are cut down into 2' x 2' pieces.

  • Paper (Newspaper, Magazines, phone books, junk mail, computer paper, and envelopes) - Must co-mangle with container.

Non-recyclable items: Styrofoam products, plastic bags, toys, broken glass, window or mirror glass, tissue paper, wax paper, wrapping paper, paper plates, and unbroken down cardboard.   

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